Monday, 29 August 2016


1.     Please do not believe even a word I am going to share with you since it is just my personal experience. But if you too, want to experience the similar ecstasy that I am doing, you can do as I will guide you here and later you can justify what I am going to share here with you.  Universal truth is what I want to talk about.
Do we follow GOD or Religion? We follow Religion. By Religion I am Hindu, He is Buddhist, She is Christian, You are Muslim, and they are Sikhs. We always say- God is one. In every holy book, it is mentioned that God is one, none to second, though we find Him in thousand and thousand forms, by thousand and thousand names. We take different names and start quarrel with each other. Follow God, not religion. By religion we are divided, by God we are united.
See you soon. We will discuss on the topic from top to bottom.

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