Wednesday, 31 August 2016


4. When I follow A religion, I help and do favour to the person(s) from the same Religion only. If I find a person who follows B religion, I (from my heart and if possible by behavior) discriminate/hate him. Lo, see if my mind or heart is filled with such devil characteristic (one of bad qualities) , how can I go nearer to God? Never. With this context I am not suggesting anybody to quit Religion and be  corrupted. I have no right to suggest you in this way. Just, I am sharing my experience with you what I can do and expect views/reviews from you, too. This is not about supporting nihilism. Abandon Religion and be corrupted- this is not my suggestion, SORRY.
Then what do I mean to say is....? 
Please keep reading my silly stuffs (unless you understand, it is nothing more than a silly stuff), we will be talking about this topic later. If you are reading this, please try to refer one of your friend to read this opinion.
Happy Reading. Thank you.

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