Tuesday, 13 September 2016


 13. I am adding a point here- to follow a principle is to be blind for another principle (suppose  Religion). Is this statement true? Cannot we follow more than one principle at a time? Even if they (principles) are paradoxical?  Might be there are boundaries in each and every principle because of which we cannot follow more than one principle. Is there any  boundary-free principle which is suitably follow-able? I do not want to collect any bad quality which propels me farther from God. I TRY my level best. I want to find God. I want to discover God. So I follow God instead of any principle. To follow God is TO BE boundary-free (may be). When we start following God, loving God and trying to be nearer to God, our bad qualities will slowly be washed away. We will be harvesting good qualities like love, kind, sympathy, indiscrimination, liberal, non-violence, peace-loving, truth loving etc., in a nut-sell, as taught by “Moral Education”, being human, moral and good.
I want to share something more. Please keep reading my silly stuff. (it is silly stuff unless you understand)
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