Thursday, 15 September 2016


  14.       (Referring previous pages to read to understand this page, Thanks a lot)
      The monks were thinking that nobody but themselves were following the religion strictly, that’s why they were reaching nearer to God. They were loving characters (creature) of God. The Monks asked me some question regarding Moksha or Nirvana. My answer to them was not up to their satisfactory level and called me a fool. Please notice- Anybody can follow God by their own effort of love.  To call me a fool and laugh at me – means? Hurting me, insulting me, there is smell of prejudice and intolerance.  We cannot be nearer to God by hurting other/insulting other. I asked them about ‘Boasting’?, then they got angry. I added – anger is not such a good quality which helps us to follow God. We have to collect only good qualities within us to find God.  
I knew that Nobody can be open (liberal) to that extent while following A Religion. Narrowness is accumulated there somewhere in the depth of heart. And- nobody follows all Religion at a time. Can you be liberal while following A Religion? It’s a very difficult question. Nobody, as I guess may be open to that extent……………….
Let me say something more tomorrow, happy reading.

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