Thursday, 22 September 2016


19.     Religion comes to us from our parents, society, community, ancestors. Or we can choose any religion to follow as per our believe and we think is suitable and easy. Anyone can follow any Religion.
God never loves such character (person) who has skull-full bad qualities. What if I do not follow any Religion? It’s up to myself, I can be excused. But it is sure that I should follow God, I am not excused here. We can live without Religion but can’t live without God.  God loves you and me. God loves all of us. Following Religion is not Following God. Or following God is more important than following A Religion (if we to be nearer to God). If I could request you, please understand God and try to follow HIM. Whatever Religion you follow, be liberal, out of discrimination, be free, cherish brotherhood, love and sympathy, truth, caring, indifferent to caste-creed-sect-colour and cultures. Total lessons from “Moral Education”. We are human, we should be human and live/behave/think/do like human.
Then I can say you are ready to follow God.Cheerful Journey! Coming back soon.
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