Saturday, 3 September 2016


6. In my sense Religion was- 
 A sacred path, way to God. There are many such paths but  the destination is only  one. If this is unbeatable truth why was I looking down upon the other paths? Why was I saying – “That path is narrow and nasty?” Why was I not that much familiar with the people who were walking on the another path(s)? Such wave of questions raised in my mind. I knew that I was doing mistake in the face of God. I found that there are differences in between following Religion and following God. I tried to find difference in between God and Religion. Which to follow and which not, this was a question in my mind. After all, religion was a moral education for human being. How could we abandon the religion? But the Goal was God. Pondering on such subject lead me towards this Goal. 
      I am going to share with you very soon.
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