Thursday, 15 September 2016


15.     Satya Sai Baba (a late spiritual Guru of India) taught us to follow all Religions at a time, at least he told us to  extend our boundary of tolerance to the ultimate extent. His principle of SARVA DHARMA (all Religions) is exemplary.                                                                                                
 I live in a home and  sometimes visit neighboring homes. May be I  do not fully feel comfortable there, but at least I  know about that home. I invite them to visit my home. It harvests harmony and fraternity in between two neighbors. Likewise, I abide by A Religion and sometimes read holy books from other religions. Please don’t call it a nasty idea. This is why I want to know more about God, I want to find HIM.
Do you want to know about my path of finding HIM, then please keep reading.
Have a Good Time! See you soon.

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