Monday, 5 September 2016


7. Religion(s) is as the  “Best Moral Studies” or the  “Best Moral Education”, like we were used to reading in lower classes. Religion is something like that. Some of such stories – like peacock feathered crow, lion hide wearing donkey, shepherd and the lion etc., I cannot forget. Most interesting was the story of a greedy dog who lost his piece of meat while crossing a bridge. He lost that piece of meat from his mouth because of his own greed. I still remember The moral of the story. Good lessons we learn. May be we borne animal and these lessons shape us as human. We take lessons at home, at schools and also from society. And I think, that’s all what we need. We need to be a human and our Religion plays vital role in this ground. Good lessons shape our mind to be good enough to reach nearer to God. And how can I say abandon Religion and be corrupted? Though my way is different and I mean to say is something else. Don’t you want to know? I talk about ONE God and some ways to reaching near Him.
Let's see again.

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