Tuesday, 6 September 2016


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Improve vision of your eyes
We can improve our eye vision by doing some exercises, it is olden day’s practice but proved to be useful in modern days too. I do this exercise and this has helped me a lot to improve my eye-sight.
Before we start our exercise, we gently splash fresh and clean water into our eyes. Now sit on a chair comfortably, spine straight. At the level of eyes keep a burning candle at a distance of 2-3 feet. Take deep breath and let it go. Now breath normally. Stare at the flame of the candle. Your eyes may blink but as far as possible, let them not blink. Try to control them. Please keep them opened; do not blink; keep open; open; open. (may be they will blink one-two times, ok, but try again). What happens then? Tears starts rolling down your eyes. That is naturally cleaning of your eyes which will improve your vision. Let the tears roll down your cheek. This is 10 minutes exercise. You can repeat this everyday for good result.
After shedding of tear, on completion of 10 minutes of time, close your eyes slowly and put your both palm on your face so that your fingers may gently press on your closed eyes. 10 seconds. Then leave your hands and open your both eyes and close again for 5 seconds. Now do close-open faster for 10 times. Again close your both eyes and put your fingers gently on them for 10 seconds. Now leave your hand and open your eyes. Leave the seat now, wash your face as well eyes. Be Normal now.
If you have done this exercise properly today, expect better tomorrow, continue for 29 days more. You will be feeling better.
NB- stop doing this exercise immediately if you are feeling stress or irritation on your eyes at first try.
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