Wednesday, 7 September 2016


9.     We all are following the same thing, God. Still we are not united. We say “Your God”, and “Our God”. If God is one, how come “Your God”, and “Our God” happened? May be we are not following God, instead we are following Religion. We are following different thing, so we are divided. Had we wholeheartedly followed God, bad qualities could not have been accumulated in us, the bad qualities which create misunderstandings, stirs the tranquility and peace of our mind/society/community, slowly lead to the climax of war, and the aftermath is havoc. We know we follow more Religion and less God. Let’s take this in reverse, then only things will slowly start changing. Can WE change or alter OUR thinking? Please give me chance to ask you some questions on coming days. Please keep reading.
      Have a nice time!

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