Thursday, 8 September 2016


  I remember a story - an elephant and five blind people. The blind people examined the elephant and gave out  their opinion about the elephant. They did not see the Elephant but touched with their hand, may be smelt, even tasted. Whatever-  but their opinions were contradictory. I don’t know why? Do you think why?                                                                                                                I conceived as- the Elephant was God and the blind people were nobody but Religions. They named God in different ways or they explained God in their own way. Some said God is dusty, some said God is salty, some said tall, some piercing. I am extremely sorry if I hurt you by comparing Religions with the blind people. But still I request you not to go away. They were blind people, you are not. Could you please open your eyes and see God? I will tell you how.          Please keep reading.

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